David Rubel - Author, Historian, Speaker
The United States in the Twentieth Century

Category: Children's
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 192
Publication Date: October 1995


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Scholastic Timelines
The United States in the Twentieth Century
By David Rubel


Publisher’s Description
Encompassing politics, art, everyday life, and science and technology, this lavishly illustrated history of twentieth-century America offers a cross-curricular look at each time period through its major events and achievements.


See the companion volume The United States in the Nineteenth Century.



Library Talk review
The United States in the Twentieth Century
in the Timelines series (Scholastic) makes an excellent companion to the Children’s Atlas of the 20th Century. In the Scholastic title, each chapter highlights a different era, which can vary in time length because they are held together by theme. Individual entries are short summaries of major historical events. The information is organized chronologically; a time line runs along the bottom of the book with the profiled piece highlighted and an important transportation vehicle for each era. Events are grouped into categories of politics and government, daily life, arts and entertainment, and science and technology. There are in-depth features offered for important individuals, events, or trends, such as Jessie Owens, Rosie the Riveter, and the baby boom and Dr. Spock. There is a lot of meat in this volume, and it makes fascinating reading. History buffs will love it.